10 SHTF Preppers Communications

10 SHTF Preppers Communications

Top 10 SHTF Communications. Comms are vital in an emergency situation and Cell phones could be shut down in certain situations.

  1. Cell Phone
  2. Multi-Band Scanner
  3. AM/FM Radio
  4. Weather Radio
  5. Shortwave Radio
  6. FRS Radios
  7. GMRS Radios
  8. CB Radios
  9. Marine
  10. Ham / Amateur Radio

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Preppers are going to die

Preppers are going to die...

Preppers are going to die...

In this video, I pull no punches because I care enough about you to tell you just how it is. I realize I may lose some subscribers but that's not what it's about to me, it's about doing the right thing, about living my values and about trying to help. I can't help unless I speak up about something that is really out of line here in the community.

If I'm wrong, tell me where. If I'm right, you have a choice to make. I hope this 4th of July is a turning point for so many of you.

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Survival Fishing Pop Top Fish Hook

Survival Fishing Hook Made From a Pop Top

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SHTF Scenario: Recipe for a Revolution


In history there are events which stand as milestones marking points of no return. Usually, however such moments are only visible in hind sight.