Survivor Jane Book Review

A Review of Survivor Jane's New Book...

"Where There is No Cosmetic Counter: How Not to Look like a Zombie - Even After the End of the World as You Know It"
Survivor Jane's New Book - Where There is No Cosmetic Counter: How Not to Look like a Zombie - Even After the End of the World as You Know ItWhether you're a seasoned veteran in the arts of Survival - Bushcraft - & Preparedness or just starting out, invariably you will be faced with the challenge of introducing the women in your life to the preparedness mindset, in my opinion Survivor Jane's new book serves 2 purposes:

1st is the aforementioned above...

I will let Jane tell you in her own words:

An Excerpt:

When discussing preparedness, whether it’s on my survival and preparedness for women website, on social media networks like Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - LinkedIn or addressing a group or a conference, I invariably get approach by men (no, not in that way), and asked how they can motivate the women in their lives to get involved in disaster preparedness. What I share with these men, or anyone else for that matter, is that women are just as uncomfortable at the thought of wearing camouflage-fatigues as men would be at wearing high-heeled shoes. Which is to say, men and women speak a different language. We interpret information differently. So it could be that the approach men are using when discussing disaster preparedness has more to do with what they are talking about - guns and ammo, camouflage clothes, underground bunkers and many even a little doom and gloom. Women prefer to think about things like family, fashion, make-up and lots of good smelling things. But even if the resistance isn’t the man’s approach, the reluctance may simply be they don’t want to give up their “woman-ness”.

So is it really that difficult to see why some women would be reluctant to jump on the disaster preparedness wagon? To some it would mean giving up these comforts and luxuries.

End of Excerpt..

With that being said, and as an insight into the mind of a woman in regards to preparedness - this is where Jane's book really shines in serving its 2nd and Main Purpose...

Listed below are the main categories of the table of contents - each having their own subcategories. The book is 272 pages and is a valuable compendium of recipes and remedies for both health & beauty using simple ingredients we have in our home pantries and gardens and even things found in the wild.

  9. MAKE-UP
I will also add that this book is not just written for women - there are some things that us men can take advantage of in this book, some examples include:

FACIAL CARE & HAND CARE - Acne Remedies - Moisturizers for your face & hands in cold climates.

FOOT CARE - You have to take care of your feet in a survival situation - PERIOD.

BODY CARE - Survival Bathing & Body washes

HYGIENE - Shaving Creams & Toothpaste – Tooth Powders

This is just to give you an idea of some of the things available for men - some of the ingredients listed I have been using myself for years.

I will also add that Jane lists the health benefits of the main ingredients including the vitamins, minerals & cofactors - very useful information.

In closing, I would say that Survivor Jane's book is a valuable addition to your Preps - Well written and easy to understand - 5 STARS!

Where There is no Cosmetic Counter: How Not to Look Like a Zombie - Even After the End of the World As You Know It - is available on Amazon - GET IT HERE