Survival Machete Use Tips

Survival Machete Use Tips

The six day trip would have been incomplete without some tutorial video on the machete. I have my own opinions and way of doing things. In the words of Bruce Lee, "Absorb what is useful." The machete can be applied in so many different environments that what works for me may not work for you. Here in Central Brazil I mainly use a 16 inch Latin pattern Tramontina modified to my way of working. This blade may or may not work for you but I am happy with it. One thing is universal, if your hand is getting ripped up by the machete you need to change the way you are working. You can't afford to reduce your hand to blisters and raw meat in this environment. The basic grip when chopping is the pinch grip, however, when cutting through masses of light material (such as grass, matted ferns, tiny vines, brambles, etc) I often use a slash which is delivered with a locked wrist and a full grip on the handle. I didn't really bring that out well in the video. The idea is to force the light material to slide along the blade and sever rather than power trough with a single point of contact on the blade as in a chop. The bush and the blade will teach you how to work if you listen. Watch your hand for hotspots. In machete country the palm of your hand is every bit as important as the soles of your feet. When you have to cut trail you are literally walking on your hands.

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  1. JJ said...
    Speaking of machetes, has a ton of different types of machetes from all over the globe for sale for use by survivalists, gardeners, campers, farmers, etc... If you have a specific use, this machete styles page helps you find the perfect machete.
    Constantine La said...
    That looks like a fun machete trip you had there. I'm a big fan of cool survival machetes as well.

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