Figure 4 Deadfall Trap

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how to make a figure four dead-fall trap...This is a great survival trap that can be easily constructed ( with practice ) out of very basic materials that in most environments can be easily found...The trap can also be made with very limited, or primitive tools.

This trap is a very handy bushcraft skill that must be practiced...

In the event you get lost in the wilderness with no immediate rescue, this trap can provide a temporary food source by catching squirrel, catching chipmunk, catching mice, catching rats, catching small rodents, catching birds, and catching small animals, it is also a good trap for pest control.

I made the trap with only a small multi-tool, a rock, and a small sapling...For bait I used a small amount of peanut butter... Chocolate, cheese, and even tooth paste can be used...I guess you can use what ever you can find when lost in the woods.

I set the trap behind a friends house because he was having problems with a pest red squirrel that was causing damage to his property...I recommend never setting any trap without knowing the laws.

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    That is great video, have you caught any thing with the dead fall style trap?


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