BushCraft Top 10 Preferred Carry Items

My Top 10 Preferred Carry Items For BushCraft

A requested topic from a viewer,, my preferred Top 10 items in my system..no snares, fishing gear as poaching will get you nicked...and as I stated the Leatherman was a "if I'm allowed a Luxury item" but I could just as easily included it in my First Aid kit as it would fit quite nicely in the large pouch so that was sneaked in with a wry smile....the Strikeforce is in my coat..always..and my EDC has another ferro rod too so again my grey lines overlap a lot...swings and roundabouts really ,,all this gear cost about the same as a Tom Brown Tracker..so I don't know..A super survival kit...does that count as one item?? A kukri comes with a small knife and a sharpener,,is that cheating.?.so the leatherman could have been in my first aid,, the strikeforce in my coat,, my EDC in my pocket...it could go on for ever really my knife cost £30 ,, a Trailmaster is £200..and those Crusader sets have five items and a pouch,, a Swiss Army stove,,is three items...a complete hammock set has a tarp,,mossy net and hammock and cost over £100...but as one item it would count....that's probably why I've not done a 10/5/20 item vid before ha ha!!


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