Survival Fishing Spears

Survival Fishing Spear

If you are near shallow water (about waist deep) where fish are large and plentiful, you can spear them.

(1) Cut an 18-24" long straight hardwood sapling, fire harden if green.

(2) Sharpen one end of the sapling.

(3) Shave two green saplings to serve as prongs.

(4) Carve barbs on the prongs.

(5) Notch main staff to support prongs.

(6) Lash the prongs to the main staff.

(7) Prongs that do not easily flex under the weight of a finger need to be shaved and thinned, prior to lashing.

(8) To spear fish, find an area where fish either gather or where there is a fish run. Place the spear point into the water and slowly move it towards the fish. Then, with a sudden push, impale the fish on the stream bottom. Do not try to lift the fish with the spear. Hold the spear with one hand and grab and hold the fish with the other. Do not throw the spear as you will probably lose it.

Survival Fishing Spear


Survival Fishing Spear Types



  1. Jeff Wise said...
    I'm trying to learn as many survival skills as possible and this is a good one.

    This technique seems like one that would come in handy. I would much rather eat fish than having to catch an animal with legs and clean it.
    Bushcraft and Survival Skills said...
    Added a new graphic showing survival fishing spear variations.

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