Doomsday Preppers Preview Nine Meals Away from Anarchy

Doomsday Preppers Preview for "Nine Meals Away from Anarchy"

I have been asked by National Geographic's Doomsday Preppers to do a preview for the upcoming episode "Nine Meals Away from Anarchy" which will air on TUE MAR 6 2012 @ 9P et/pt.

Upon receiving the preview DVD and watching it with a fellow "Survivalist", I have to say we were both taken back by a few of the "preppers" on this episode, while I have been asked not to go into too much detail as not to spoil the episode, I will give some thoughts on the 3 preppers that were presented on the show.

The 1st presented I will call him the "bug in guy", he was probably the most well rounded in forethought in his preps and his defense plans.

However, there were a few things that bothered me, first and foremost is OPSEC! (Operational Security). Lets just say he lives in a well to do area, and unless the show used props and not the real location, where he is could be easily located, especially from the local residents in the area.

Although he does have his trained guard dogs, he and his family are training in the use of fire arms, and they do have an ample cache of food and ammo... if an individual or group wanted what they have, there are many ways relieve them of their supplies, some without firing a single shot, which I will not go into here.

Which brings me to what I will call a "fatal flaw". From what I can gather they do not have a contingency plan to bug out if they were forced to evacuate their premises for what ever reason. To be quite honest most in the family looked like they could not walk 10 miles with a 50 pound pack, sorry to be so critical here, but this is real world "survival" we are talking about here, is it not?

The second guy I will call the "Seed Guy". All I could do is shake my head and face palm! His big concern was nuclear fallout from the Fukushima disaster, while this is a very real threat and I am in no way down playing it, it is not the scope of this post.

In general his plan is to gather heirloom seeds, lots of them, and grow them in small green houses made from plastic or canvas from what I could tell. Its is obvious he does not have a basic understanding of the different types and aspects of radioactive particles.

His plan was to bug out with all his seeds, some firearms, and a few of his buddies, Really? So much wrong here, but I think with this guy his lack of critical thinking skills are demonstrated in how he responds to a craigslist ad.

The last guy, I will call him the "Under Ground Bunker Guy", while I could go into great detail here about him, I will just say he has not taken the time to think things all the way through, the distance, inhospitable terrain, he and his young family would have to face would be insurmountable to reach his bunker if they they had no access to an automobile, and his solution to this is his "push cart" Lots wrong here! You be the judge when you see it.

The other thing I might mention is the very reason he is prepping is for a physical pole shift, an under ground bunker on the side of a mountain is the last place I would like to be, as an impending earthquake from such a pole shift could very well turn that bunker into their tomb.

I will also mention, that no one in this episode demonstrated any basic survival skills on how to procure water, food, or shelter using non conventional methods and sources, which is what this blog is all about. Although, to be fair they may have these skills, but they were just not covered in this episode.


  1. Herbalpagan said...
    That's a shame! I had hope that this show would do great things for the prepper community, and in truth, more people are waking up because of it. However, it's so sad that they are presenting unprepared "preppers".
    Bushcraft and Survival Skills said...
    @Herbalpagan In perspective... some of the rest of the people who were asked to do previews evidently had different preppers that were on the DVD's they were sent, and the last half of my DVD had no audio so I have no idea what was said, as it seemed to be a recap, not really sure.

    Keep in mind there are several previous episodes that I have not seen, so they may very well be top notch preppers / survivalists on these previous shows.
    Anonymous said...
    I have seen several of the episodes. While there seems to be an underlying current in each that people seem to be willing to accept that they might be put into a situation where preparation is necessary, the NatGeo presentation shows more about the inadequacies of the individuals. It would be more informative to contrast between those that are well rounded in preparation and those that they highlight.
    Anonymous said...
    Learning how to produce raise or hunt your own food as well as a host of other skills are what a true prepper strives to do. Knowledge is the best prep. You can never store enough of everything, nor carry it all with you. Some things you just have to learn to produce yourself.

    I dont understand why there folks are revealing themselves and preps on TV.
    Bushcraft and Survival Skills said...
    @Anonymous Above You said: "Learning how to produce raise or hunt your own food as well as a host of other skills are what a true prepper strives to do. Knowledge is the best prep"

    You Sir or Madam are 110% correct and that is what this site is all about.

    It is always the same question I have with most preppers: "What will you do when it runs out?"
    Adrian Lee said...
    I think you may have missed the point. The show is about preppers, not "How to Prep". Personally, I do not think the show was well-done, it is too much tv, if you get what I mean.

    But it does make you aware that there are things that can go wrong, and ways to start prepping. It does give you a starting point. It's just that you need to analyse, plan and prepare for your scenario.
    Bushcraft and Survival Skills said...
    @Adrian Lee With all due respect there were several of us who were asked by National Geographic's Doomsday Preppers to do a write up.

    We were sent DVD's to view and write a preview before the show aired on national television, because we are respected members of the Survival / Bushcraft / Prepper community, if you follow the link in the beginning of the post you will see that this blog is featured on their site, but I see according to your log files, this is how you arrived here, so in essence yes they wanted my opinion on "How to Prep".

    After all, that was in my email correspondence with National Geographic's Doomsday Preppers, did you get that email?

    Now to be fair, I do mostly agree with the rest of your comment.
    Anonymous said...
    I enjoyed this post, I have always been disappointed with shows like this. My first thought was always about them inviting the world into there plans. Then the lack of basic survival knowledge. Its just a bunch of people that watch too many movies.
    It's like some of them live in a fantasy world. They might have a good idea, or a serious concern about the future but it seems a lot of the time that's where it ends.I read a lot of articles and blogs and see shows like this and what worries me the most is people trust this information. I have friends that see this stuff and think "i should do that" but still not see the big picture. It's frustrating to say the least.
    Timo said...
    You have to remember they are trying to sell the show. Like it or not they are going to get a lot more viewers from showing the extream side of prepping than showing tips. I hate to say it but the "normal" prepper show would be boring to most viewers. Its not that other preppers wouldnt watch its that we are a small group and they are going for the masses.
    Bushcraft and Survival Skills said...
    @Timo You sir, are 100% correct.

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