Survival Treadle Spring Snare

Constructing A Treadle Spring Snare...

  1. Use a treadle spring snare against small game on a trail.
  2. Dig a shallow hole in the trail.
  3. Then drive a forked stick (fork down) into the ground on each side of the hole on the same side of the trail.
  4. Select two fairly straight sticks that span the two forks. Position these two sticks so that their ends engage the forks.
  5. Place several sticks over the hole in the trail by positioning one end over the lower horizontal stick and the other on the ground on the other side of the hole.
  6. Cover the hole with enough sticks so that the prey must step on at least one of them to set off the snare.
  7. Tie one end of a piece of cordage to a twitch-up or to a weight suspended over a tree limb.
  8. Bend the twitch-up or raise the suspended weight to determine where you will tie a 1" (5 cm) or so long trigger.
  9. Form a noose with the other end of the cordage. Route and spread the noose over the top of the sticks over the hole.
  10. Place the trigger stick against the horizontal sticks and route the cordage behind the sticks so that the tension of the power source will hold it in place.
  11. Adjust the bottom horizontal stick so that it will barely hold against the trigger.
  12. When the animal places its foot on a stick across the hole, the bottom horizontal stick moves down, releasing the trigger and allowing the noose to catch the animal by the foot.
  13. The bigger the sapling, the stronger the trap.


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