Bushcraft / Survival Fire w / Water Bottle

in this vid you can see how i make fire with a clear plastic (PET) water bottle - the kind that you find everywhere (unfortunately... :( ).

i used charred cloth, horseshoe fungus and almost-dry cow dung to get an ember (you can use other natural tinder, too) and some jute twine to get a flame (you can use dry grass, tree bark fibers, dry leafs etc.).

i want to thank to my friend radu (aka m00thman) who gave me the ideea for this vid.

Tags: * bushcraft * bushcraft skills * firemaking * how to make fire * fire * tinder * start a fire * water bottle * plactic bottle * soda bottle * outdoor * outdoorsman * camping * survival * cooking


  1. Anonymous said...
    Does the bottle need the water to be able to focus the sun? Also I noticed the bottle you used was a smooth bottle, bottles that have uneven surfaces would be probably be more difficult to find a good focal point?
    Nice vid!
    Bushcraft and Survival Skills said...
    I think you answered your own questions LOL! - Yes - Yes - and Thank You!

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