Field Dress a Deer in under 7 Minutes

How to CLEANLY Field Dress a Deer in under 7 Minutes - WARNING GRAPHIC!

My first time to make an instructional video. Usually takes me 5-7 min to field dress a deer start to finish. However I haven't ever done it while talking before so it took a bit longer :) I made this video for my brother-in-law and decided to post it here. Sorry the camera angle isn't better but I hope it helps you in the field.

Note: If you want to keep your canopy (neck and head skin) whole for shoulder mounting, simply cut the trachea just above the top of the collar bone and proceed from there, or check with your taxidermist, for some the cut doesn't matter.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    Thanks so much for this. My boys want to start hunting with me and I feel at 14 they should learn to care for thier kill. They will be watching this.
    DrWestside said...
    Very informative. This kind of knowledge is absolutely necessary.

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