Survival Bow Trap

Survival Bow Trap

  • A survival bow trap is dangerous to man as well as animals, use and construct with extreme caution!
  • To construct this trap, build a bow and anchor it to the ground with pegs.
  • Adjust the aiming point as you anchor the bow. Lash a toggle stick to the trigger stick.
  • Two upright sticks driven into the ground hold the trigger stick in place at a point where the toggle stick will engage the pulled bow string.
  • Place a catch stick between the toggle stick and a stake driven into the ground.
  • Tie a trip wire or cordage to the catch stick and route it around stakes and across the game trail where you tie it off.
  • When the prey trips the trip wire, the bow will fire an arrow into it.
  • A notch in the bow serves to help aim the arrow.

Below are different examples of survival bow traps.

Survival Bow Trap

In this video I will be showing you how to make a Bow Trap hope you like it

a bow trap

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  1. HorseBackBob said...
    Here is a different take on the Bow Trap. I assemble, set, and at the end it shows the bow functioning as a raccoon comes and trips it.

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