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Vacuum Seal a Mason Jar with a Handcrank Pump - Food Storage SHTF Survival Prep

How to seal a mason jar WITHOUT an electric vacuum sealer.

I didnt need a big expensive Foodsaver Electric Vacuum Sealer. This automotive vacuum pump and wide mouth mason jar sealer works well for the one thing i need it for... sealing food for storage in glass jars.

This is also good for disaster preppers and SHTF food storage that works even when the electricity goes out.

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  1. Prepper Website said...
    That's way cool! Thanks!
    Into The Wilderness said...
    Where do you buy it?
    Bushcraft and Survival Skills said...
    The automotive vacuum pump from any good automotive store, he did mention Harbor Freight.

    The wide mouth vacuum sealer, do a Google search for "wide mouth vacuum sealer".
    Anthony Burdge/Jessica Burke said...
    Very cool-- but stupid question-- can you use this for sealing non-dry goods? The demo uses dried tomatoes-- but would this work for wet canned goods? I'm still finding my way around a canner. THANKS! ~Jessie
    Bushcraft and Survival Skills said...
    @Anthony Burdge/Jessica Burke
    I would have to say that this would only work well for previously dehydrated foods, as far as "wet" foods I would stick to traditional canning methods for the assurance of heat sterilization.
    JacLynn said...
    I love this idea and can't wait to try it out. thanks!
    Michael Maloney said...
    This is such a neat idea and saves a heap of money as I don’t have to go out and buy a FoodSaver electric vacuum sealer now. I checked the prices out and they are quite expensive, a bit out of my price range to tell the truth, so this blog came along at just the right time.

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